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Look what Year 3 have been up to...

Here are some photos of our trips we have been on so far this year! As you can see from them, we have had a brilliant time and had many exciting experiences too!

Egyptologist Howard Carter comes to visit! 6th February 2017

Y3 meet Father Xmas at the 'Old Downs Estate' We had to work really hard to earn gold stars. To do this, we had to consider others and work as a team. We achieved our mission and filled the boxes with all of the stars meaning we had earned a reward day!! Below are some photos of our amazing day.

Go Ape! Y3 had such a super trip to Go Ape. We had an opportunity to show our great team work skills that we have developed this term. On this trip, everyone had to work together to get through the rope bridge challenges and travelling at a height! It was wonderful to see everyone supporting each other and encouraging their peers. Well done Year 3! We were very proud of you all.