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What are we getting up to in Y3?

Welcome to Year 3!

After a fantastic Autumn term with many exciting trips and experiences, we have now started the Spring term!During this term, we are expecting a special visitor who will help us continue on our journey through this ancient civilisation and will enable us to make sense of the discoveries we are making!

Who might this visitor be? What might they know? Only time will tell ...

A curious Y3 Team!

Autumn Term

'Grin and Bear it!'

The Y3 team would like to welcome the new Y3 to Field Court Junior School!

Our new theme 'Grin and Bear it!'will have the children learning the all important skills of perseverance, determination and dedication as they work to gain skills in preparation for our trip to Beechenhurst Lodge!

As the year progresses, you may find that questions arise. Please come and see us- our doors are always open. Alternatively, write a note in home school link books or contact the school via telephone and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Can't wait to see what else we get up to in this exciting Autumn term!


Spring Term

'Junior Tomb Raiders!'

Welcome to the Spring Term and all the adventures that we are yet to experience. Hope you are ready!

Our classrooms are hives of activity with all of Year 3 desperate to know who's desk and note we have! There is speculation it could be Julius Cane's but who knows? We are hoping the visit from a famous Egyptologist might shed some light on this situation but will he arrive in time to save the Rosetta stone from destruction? ... We can only hope ...



Summer Term

'Rocking all over the world!'