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Y5 Homework

Homework will be handed out on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday. It will comprise of an English or a Maths task. A homework overview is inside both front covers so that you can see which pages need to be completed.

Maths- Between 1-3 pages can be completed within the 30 minutes homework time; however please check your overview to see which pages these are - it is really important not to do extra as this will be set on a different week. It may take your child 30 minutes to do less than the 3 pages and this is absolutely fine; you may wish to spend more time supporting your child with an area that they have struggled with rather than moving on to complete more questions. 

English- We will let you know the pages which can be completed for homework but, as with the maths, please spend 30 minutes and stop when the time is up (unless you wish to continue). The English pages will link in with class work wherever possible. Again, please do not complete any pages other than the ones set. 

Alongside this English and Maths, please listen to your child read 3 times a week (and sign their homework diary); help them to learn their weekly spellings and also their times tables for their maths passport (their targets have been sent home so that you know what to help them with).

Again, if you have any questions, please pop in and see us.

Many thanks,

Y5 Team