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Year 5 Overview

Welcome to Year 5!

We cant wait to show you what we get up to during the year.

An excited Y5 team

'Arctic Quest'

Autumn Term

We have welcomed our children back to a new school year and a new theme: 'Arctic Quest'.

We are reading 'Island' by Nicky Singer - we are gripped already.

Throughout the year, you may find that questions arise. Please feel free to speak to your class teacher at the start or end of the school day. Alternatively, write a note in home school link books or contact the school via telephone and we will call you back as soon as we can.

We are really looking forward to preparing for the Arctic on our first school trip, who knows what we will get up to!


Gotta Catch 'em All

Spring Term

This term we've got a busy time ahead 'tracking down' mythical monsters! We need to find the Dark Elves, the Kraken, the Trolls, Unicorns and the Phoenix- this will certainly keep us busy. Among other things, the chilren will be using their maths skills to build a boat to catch the kraken and writing a story involving a troll with some rather disgusting bogies.