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What are we getting up to in Year 6?

Welcome to Year 6! We are looking forward to working with you this year and offering many exciting and memorable learning opportunities for the children in their final year at FCJA. If you have any questions, please come and see us at our classroom doors between 8:45 and 8:55 am, or at 3:15pm.

Best wishes,

Y6 Teaching Team

Autumn Term:

This term our project, 'Give a little, gain a lot!' focuses on refugees and the homeless. We are looking into why people end up in these difficult situations and as a Year group, we will be investigating what we can do to support people. First of all we will generating ideas for how to raise awareness for people in these situations, which will in turn enable us to be more involved with our local community.

Spring Term:

This term our project title is a science theme called, 'Always Wonder'. We will be first of all be looking into how our hearts works, having hands on experience of dissecting real lambs hearts in doing so. Following this we will look more closley at how oxygen is transported around the body and will use this information to write an explanation text. After this we will explore electricity with children, utilising their knowledge to design and build their very own security alarm system. During the end of the term we will be finding out about animal classification and will collate all of this knowledge into an interactive science fair in school. During the middle of the term we will be able to feed our curiosity even more when visiting the Science Museum in London. We will also be visiting the Houses of Parliament on this trip! I hope you will agree - a very exciting term for us in Year 6!

Summer Term: