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What are we getting up to in Year 6?

Welcome to Year 6! We are looking forward to working with you this year and offering many exciting and memorable learning opportunities for the children in their final year at FCJA. If you have any questions, please come and see us at our classroom doors between 8:45 and 8:55 am, or at 3:15pm.

Best wishes,

Y6 Teaching Team

Autumn Term: 'Behind Enemy Lines'

'Behind Enemy Lines' is a WWII topic with a twist! Children will not only focus on the impact WWII had on the lives of people in Britain, but will also investigate how the war changed the lives of people in the rest of Europe and around the world. Children have already experienced what life was like as an evacuee on their amazing trip to Winchcomble where they were able to talk to real evacuees whilst onboard a moving steam train. Every two weeks, children will learn about a different country and the impact war had on it. Throughout their learning, children will collect their own photographs to build a picture of what life was like during wartime Britain.

Spring Term: I Smell A Rat!

The Year 6 children returned to school after Christmas to find rat-infested classrooms. 'Rats' were popping up everywhere - in the sink, on the bookcase, even out of drainpipes! Luckily, on this occasion, it was not a job for Pest Control or Environmental Health! The children's learning this term is centred around the theme of 'rats'. On the first day, the children had to apply various DT skills to make and assemble a rat maze made out of wood. Other learning opportunities will involve ethics and animal testing, studying the historical events of the Great Plague, locating the rats of the world and where they originate and combining food safety and hygiene skills to create the dish ratatouille. Let's just hope the children leave out the main ingredient . . . !

Summer Term: Save Our Planet!

Our theme this term is 'Save Our Planet!'. The Year 6 children will tackle certain environmental issues, such as global warming and plastic in the ocean, head on as they discover how education can play a large part in protecting the world we live in. We will study a range of environments: the Poles, rainforests, coral reefs and the effect these changing environments are having on places where people live. Each of the classes has its very own pet fish to drive their learning (and to love and nurture!!) - studying ecology and the complexities of an ecosystem but also prompting discussions surrounding animal conservation. No more plastic! No more pollution! Save our planet!