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Year 6 Photos

Have a look at what we have been up to  this year!

Clay Tiles

During our first afternoon we created our own clay tiles. We chose designs to represent the refugee crisis with messages of hope characterising them.

Our Talk from a Refugee Charity

During our first week in school we were visited by Garas - a refugee charity supporting those seeking asylum in Gloucestershire. We discussed what refugees were before looking at the areas in the world where people are moving away from. Paddington Bear being a refugee was also discussed.

Wellbeing Wednesday!

During our first Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon we took part in a sign langauge session. We all learnt how to sign the alphabet before reflecting upon this experience in our Wellbeing books on Thursday morning.

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic end to their half term when they ran their own breakfast event to raise money for refugee charities! Many thanks to all parents who attended - a huge £272 was raised in total. The children are all very proud of themeselves in supporting this great cause. What a huge difference they are making to their community. See above for the pictures from the event!

Year 6 - Science Day

On our first day of term we became scientists and carried out 4 different experiments and for each experiment we had different questions to answer.

Making slime – Is the viscosity of slime affected by its water content?



Year 6 - Science Day

Using static – Does the length of hair affect the amount of static electricity created by a balloon?

Creating lava – What is the maximum amount of salt it takes to stop the movement of lava?

Year 6 - Science Day

Making a Fizz Inflator – Does the size of the bottle affect the amount of CO2 created?

We used post-it note planning to help control our variables and ensure our experiments were a fair test!

Heart Dissection

During this lesson we had the chance to dissect lamb's hearts to further our understanding of how the heart works. We also modelled this process using straws and clay as well as writing up an explanation of this process with a labelled diagram.