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@ Field Court Junior School

Who do I talk to about my child’s education?

The best person to talk to is your child's teacher. They will know your child really well and will be able to tell you what your child is working on and give you ideas if you want to help your child at home.
What do I do if my child loses her jumper in school?
This happens all the time, often it is in the classroom, another child has taken it home by mistake, or it is in lost property, which is in the boys and girls changing rooms next to the hall.
  • Talk with your class teacher, they can ask the class, or might already have found it.
  • Have a look in lost property (in the changing rooms next to the hall)
  • Make sure you have your child's name in all their clothes. If we find it with a name in we return it straight away.
  • Have a chat with your child about looking after their things so that they don't leave it in the playground!
How do I contact the school?
You can ring between the hours of 8.30am until 4.30pm - 01452 72 00 66
You can email -
You can always talk with a teacher or the office staff 15 minutes before and after the school is open.
What afterschool clubs are there?
Every term there is a letter about the available clubs. At Field Court Juniors we have lots of clubs and most are run voluntarily by the staff. We try to get others in too to supplement the clubs. Some clubs will charge you a small fee to cover some of the costs. For more information on this term's clubs please click on the link on the left hand toolbar.
Is there any before and after school care provision?
Yes located on site in a purpose built facility- Interactives Club is available just to infant and junior school children- contatc our infant school on 01452 720257 to ask about places.
How can I make suggestions to improve the school?
We have a parent suggestion box in our lobby area. 
How do I make a complaint?
Please contact Mrs Armstrong to make an appointment. 
How can I join the Governing Body?
Please speak to Mr Morris (chair of governors- and Cameron Morris' dad!) and he'll be able to tell you if there are any vacancies. 
Can I come in to school to help?
YES! We love having you in school helping - either in your own child's class or a different one. Sometimes we have granny or auntie helping and one of our mums helps in the office. Speak to nay member of staff to offer
I think my child needs extra support, who do I speak to?
The first person to speak to is always your class teacher, but you can also talk to Mrs Morris - our special educational needs co-ordinator. 
 How do I make an appointment to see my child's class teacher?
Just catch the teacher at the start or end of the day at your child's classroom door- they should be there for about 5 minutes so you can make an appointment then. Or you can contact the office. 
How do I change my child's reading book?
Our library is open before school from 8:30-8:45 and after school from 3:15 - 3:30 to allow you to choose and change books with your child.