FCJA: where children can be STARS

At FCJA, we are constantly striving to be better. In line with the needs of our children, we are currently rebranding our Whole School Ethos to be better connected to what the children aspire to know, be and do by the time they leave us at the end of Key Stage 2.

The information below is still part of our current school ethos and our behaviour system will not have any amendments.


VALUES:  As a school we believe we should:

  • Prepare children for their future
  • Respect each other and ourselves valuing diversity and individuality
  • Achieve as highly as we can
  • Have fun and enjoy learning

AIMS:  Because we believe this, we aim to:

Give children independence, resilience and high aspirations for themselves preparing them to succeed in their future.

Ensure children feel valued as part of our community in which we care for and respect each other and feel safe and secure.

Enable children to be capable and confident learners who achieve individual success.

Motivate children through an enjoyable, challenging and inspiring learning experience.