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Writing Week April 2019 - What a mystery!

What a week...Sherlock Holmes' priceless golden pen that had been gifted to us by a museum, locked in a glass case,  had disappeared! And so began our mystery-themed writing week for this term. What a buzz! The school was bustling with mystery, confusion and excitement at having to solve this devastating crime. Classrooms were transformed into incident rooms as clues and evidence flooded in. So many clues, where to start? Our junior detectives analysed scores and scores of pieces of evidence from Twitter feeds and forensic evidence to witness statements and social media posts.  Obviously the whole school needed to be finger printed in order to be eliminated from ongoing enquiries and messages were exchanged using secret ink so that our intelligence was not leaked. Reconstructions and walk-throughs took place in order to understand where and how the perpetrator had stolen the golden pen. 

It was a long, challenging process of elimination, where children worked in teams and independently to create crime walls, time lines and evidence logs in order to crack the case! Luckily they did and the golden pen was returned safely…phew!  The children then used their experiences of solving this crime to write their own mystery stories, working hard to develop their characters and build tension throughout their story. What an amazing week; well done to all of our amazing FCJA junior detectives!

Bouncy Fun Reward Day May 2018

Disco Fever-

March 2018

Y6 France Residential March 2018

Year 6 are 'evacuated' from Winchcombe Station! Autumn 2017

Year 5 took off for the National Space Centre! Autumn 2017

Year 4 'roar' at Twycross Zoo! Autumn 2017

Year 3 get tough at Mojo Active! Autumn 2017

Year 6 visit Legoland Windsor!  Summer 2017

Do you remember our 'Lost in the Jungle' Writing Day?!

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf-  who was guilty? Spring 2017

Do you remember the day it snowed inside school!? Winter 2016

Did you call for a hero? The Field Court Staff will be there! Autumn 2016

Sleepover Reward Day!  Were you up tp the challenge? Autumn 2016

Bowling Fun- this was a great reward day! Autumn 2016

We went 'Mad' for Science on this day-whizz, pop bang! Spring 2016