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Breakfast Club @ FCJA

We invite some children in to school for breakfast which begins at 8am. The children set the table, make their own drinks and select the breakfast they want (we offer a choice of healthy cereals, toast with a range of spreads (marmite, lemon curd, jam and on the last week of each term the chocolate spread makes an appearance), and porridge). During this time, we talk with the children and ensure they are prepared for the school day with the correct uniform, PE kit etc. 

We then hear children read, support them with their homework and practise their spellings with them. It is a great start to the day for both the children and the staff!

Drop Ins @ FCJA

The Tree House is open all day and there are always members of staff in there. Some children drop in for a chat or to get advice whilst others may have forgotten their PE kit and need a t-shirt! 

Mrs Frisby is also out and about with our children by supporting them in the classroom as well.

Families Welcome @ FCJA

It is always lovely to see our families in school. The Tree House is a base for Mrs Morris and Mrs Frisby to meet with our families or external agencies who may be in. 

Please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat :-)

Lunch Club @ FCJA

This is the place to be at lunchtimes. Mrs Frisby is always in here ready to play games (her particular favourite is Uno), make cards,listen to how everyone's mornings have been as well as a whole host of other fun activities. 

It is a lively place at lunchtimes and great for children to socialise with others from different classes and year groups!