Information about our uniform

Most of the uniform stated below is available to purchase from supermarkets, keeping costs as low as possible for you.

Some items will need to be purchased from the Trutex shop, located on Northgate Street in Gloucester.

Please ensure that your child has sturdy school shoes that cover feet well and a good waterproof coat - we aim to stay outside as long as possible throughout the year so that children get lots of healthy fresh air and time to be active.

There might be puddles, wind, rain or sun, so please ensure that your child updates their spare socks / hats  / gloves / sun hats, sun cream etc as the seasons change. 

Please make sure your child's belongings are all clearly named.


Grey skirt or smart grey school shorts/trousers                             

White polo T-shirt (Not shirts. Supermarkets or Trutex shop)

Purple FCJA Logo jumper or cardigan (available from the Trutex shop)

Black school shoes                                                                         

Grey/black tights or white socks                                                            

Lilac gingham summer dress - from supermarkets


Grey smart trousers or shorts.

White polo T-shirt (Not shirts. Available from supermarkets or Trutex shop).

Purple FCJA Logo jumper (available from the Trutex shop).

Black school shoes.

Grey or black socks.

PE Kit

Purple PE T-shirt.

Black shorts and (preferably black) tracksuit.

Trainers and a carrier bag to store them in within their PE bag.

Separate white socks for PE - especially for girls who wear tights to school.

Kit to be stored in a Purple PE bag purchasable from the Trutex shop.

Children complete PE twice per week, participating in indoor activities,such as dance, and outdoor activities, such as football. Please ensure that they have enough spares in case they fall over outside. 

Children will complete PE regardless of whether they have their kit, so please ensure they are prepared.

Please ask your child to bring their PE kit home to be washed at least once per half-term.

Trutex Price List

Opposite are the current Trutex shop prices, as given to us. They may obviously increase over time without us being informed so it is perhaps best to use these as an approximation.